Manu Atelier – The IT Bag that Every Fashionista is Carrying

Today, I’m sharing an up and coming Turkish handbag brand that every fashionista is carrying this season. Affordable price with thousands of options!

If you have ever seen the fashion bloggers you follow on Instagram are carrying boxy crossbody bags, and have wonder what is the brand? You are at the right place! It’s the Pristine from Manu Atelier, a brand from Turkey. With the signature boxy shape, the Pristine easily grabs people’s attention. The metal arrow logo on the bag adds some fine details to the bag. Manu Atelier’s bag is also handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather.

Manu Atelier has been on my watch list since last year but I didn’t purchase it until recently. Last season, although it had so many color choices, it only came with plain color. To be honest, I have so many plain color handbags in my closet and was a little bit hesitant to get another one.

However, this season, Manu Atelier comes out with a whole new color blocking collection, which I immediately fall in love with it! There are so many color combinations out there. It took me a while to pick my favorite one. Eventually, I picked this red/blue/pink combo.

The reason I’m so in love with the Pristine from Manu Atelier is that its distinctive boxy shape that stands out from other handbags in the market. It reminds me of a small vintage mailbox. It also has a very lovely price point for a quality handmade handbag. I not only love the different color combinations of this bag but also the different texture of this bag. Mine is the combo of suede and leather, which makes this bag look/feel very expensive! And the suede makes this bag great for fall and winter.




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