How I Style Check Blazer This Fall

If you are paying attention to the fall trend and checking the street snaps, you may already notice that check blazer is so popular right now!t is definitely the must-get item this fall. Wondering how to style the check blazers this fall?

In my opinion, it goes with any outfit easily. I wear jeans all the time. So matching with jeans is my go-to option. Luckily, check blazer can be easily matched with jeans. Today, I’m wearing my check blazer with my one of my favorite jeans, with a rolled hem. In order to emphasize the check blazer, I chose a white t-shirt on the inside.

To make the whole look more clean and sleek, I chose a pair of white sneakers for this look.


Zara Check Blazer 

Topshop Merci White T-shirt

Joe’s Jeans (similar here)

Fenty Creeper

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

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