Hawaii – Where I Picked Up My Treehouse Dream

When talking about Hawaii, the first thing comes to our mind is “beach”. Do you know besides beaches, there are many hidden gems that worth exploring in Hawaii.

Instead of staying at a hotel next to the beach like most of the people do, I wanted to make my first Hawaii experience more unique. I came across this treehouse listing on Airbnb,  and fell in love with it at my first sight. I knew I had to stay here because it reminded me of my childhood dream. When I was a kid, I have been daydreaming living in a treehouse. Wake up with the bird tweet, take a walk through the forest, spend time with my loved one… how romantic and relaxing!

According to the directions from the host, we found the secret entrance of this treehouse. We were very excited but a little bit nervous because we didn’t see the treehouse. Then, We followed the path and brushes; finally, we found the treehouse. It was at the end of the muddy path. It was so pretty and just like the one I daydreamed about in my childhood.



When we got in the treehouse, the interior literally blew our mind. It was so clean and everything was well prepared. The interior design is tasteful and surpasses our expectation.



It was so quiet and seemed like we were stuck in a place that no one could find us. It was such a perfect getaway place for people like us who are always on the go and never took a moment to take a break.

I think only Hawaii could bring us this kind of tranquility and peace. We are always so busy every day and chase after “something” that we are looking for. When was the last time that we take a moment and really enjoy our lives? When was the last time that we really take a break and spend time with our loved ones? We always keep looking forward, sometimes we also need to look back.






Mahalo, Hawaii for giving me this inner peace and childish joy.

Until next time!

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    June 27, 2016 at 3:08 am

    Wechat me about the address of this treehouse!!

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