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Halloween | Easy Cute Deer Make up

Today, I’m sharing a super simple cute deer makeup. For those who are last-minute person like me, you have to check out this cute deer makeup. And you don’t need a lot of makeup products. Any contour products and a white eyeliner are basically all you need!

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Trend Alert | Captain Hat

Hello loves! Welcome back! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite hats this fall.

The hat I’m recommending today is Captian hat. It is also called fisherman hat, yacht hat, sailor cap etc., it has variations of names of this hat. And it is very one of the most popular accessories this fall! If you haven’t look into it yet, you are missing out!

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How I Style Check Blazer This Fall

If you are paying attention to the fall trend and checking the street snaps, you may already notice that check blazer is so popular right now!t is definitely the must-get item this fall. Wondering how to style the check blazers this fall?

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3 Reasons You Should Start Using Green Tea Skin Care Products

I’m always a huge fan of green tea. Green tea also plays a huge part in Asian culture. We drink green tea often. We love the green tea (aka matcha) flavor of everything, such as food, drinks, snacks, ice cream, chocolate, you name it! Whenever there is something green tea flavor roll out, people go crazy about it!

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Shopping Haul | My August Favorites

Hello everyone! I’m finally back! Today, I’m sharing my recent favorites to you guys, including makeup, skincare, handbag, snacks etc!

Ready? Let’s go!

If you haven’t checked out my video yet, make sure you check it out!

Hello! 大家好~ 失踪人口终于回归了!!今天要给大家种草的是最近我的爱用护肤美妆~



My first product is the First Care Activating Serum EX from Sulwhasoo, one of the best-selling products from Sulwhasoo. Fall is coming, and many people’s skin is quite sensitive due to the transition of the season. I have super dry sensitive skin. My skin drys out quite often during this period. My skin seems like unable to absorb any skincare products.

Therefore I decided to try this popular product from Sulwhasoo, and fell in love with it since the first time using it!

This activating essence is actually an essential first-step serum after washing your face.  It helps you balance the skin condition, moisturizing, and let your skin absorb the follow-up skin care products better.

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